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Discover Your Passion with these Tips

Discover your Passion and Focus on Living the life you Deserve

by Sandra Woods, pictured Sandra profile pic sept 10.jpg

Success is being a good original.

Live your life on purpose with the absolute belief that you are here to make a difference. Ask yourself, “How can I complete my partner, family, friends and colleagues?” “What strengths can I share and how can I enrich their lives?”

Don’t get caught up in the negative chatter, gossip and news.

Here Sandra shares some tips on how to find your purpose and keep your passion.

1. Book into your diary 30 minutes ‘me’ time each day. Be clear on what you want to achieve in life and visualise your goals and dreams.

“Ambition without vision will always make you compete aimlessly”.

Use these 30 minutes to read and visualise your goals, listen to music, meditate, dream and recharge.

2. Start a gratitude journal

Just before going to bed, write down five things that you can be grateful about that day. Some days your list will be filled with amazing things, most days just simple joys such as watching a beautiful sunset or seeing a friend.

Start with the basics: my health, my partner and children, their health, as well as the fact that the day's over. That's okay. Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the reminder to ourselves of what is working in our lives can help us be thankful and look for the good in every situation.

3. Exercise 5 times a week

Go to a nearby park or drive to the beach or river and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while you stretch, breathe deeply, walk or jog for at least 30 minutes. If you work at an office, change into your exercise gear there and maintain your good intentions. Book in time with a buddy or personal trainer to keep you motivated.

“If you spend your health to get your wealth - you will end up spending your wealth to regain your health”.

4. Socialise more, stress less

Increase your level of interaction with people that are motivated, like minded and supportive. Your net worth and your network are directly related. Your relationships will determine the success of your goals and ambitions. Connect with your friends, ‘do’ lunch, say ‘yes’ to the next invitation you receive - ‘just do it’.

5. ‘D’-tox your work space

Remember the 3 ‘D’s at work. With each task, email or phone call you receive, practice this simple method.

  1. ‘Delegate it’: if possible, pass the task onto someone else - this will leverage your time and allow you to stay on track and focus on priority tasks.
  2. ‘Do it’: action the task and file it where you can find it again if required.
  3. ‘Dump it’, Bin it or delete it. For example, spam emails and junk mail - don’t waste your valuable time. The time you will save in this area will be time you can allocate towards steps one to four.

About the author: Sandra is the owner and manager of Aspire Academy of Learning and Leadership, mentor, professional speaker and workshop facilitator and can be contacted on 08 9200 2244 or

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