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Flourish in Your Office

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Flourish in your Office

by Kyree Meagher

If you are a working woman and are constantly thinking about your work, stop yourself right this very moment.  It is not worth all the stress that you are creating for yourself, it is only building up into a solid concrete wall that you have to carry around each working day.  Trust me this wall is obvious to the people you work with as well as the people you go home to.  But you can eliminate some of this heavy unnecessary stress by changing your work environment.



A messy desk not only looks unprofessional but makes it hard for you to complete any task efficiently.  By making use of your filing cabinets and drawers gives everything a home and forces you to be organised.  You will be able to find everything without getting all stressed out.



Adding warm colours to your space creates a comfortable atmosphere and will also stimulate the brain.  Brightening up your main working area will relax you and allow you to be the best worker you can.



Placing a funky lamp on your desk will look great and will also reduce nasty unwanted fatigue.  The light will also help improve your concentration so you can focus on your tasks. 


Full time working mother and grandmother, Dorothy Duggin, knows firsthand how stress can affect you in the work place.  Dorothy has worked for the Cerebral Palsy Association for the past 25 years.  She says just like most industries her job can be rather stressful at times so she worked out ways to make her days less stressful and smoother so she could still work hard to achieve her best.


“I have lots of responsibilities as a mother, an employee, as a friend,” she says.  “These need to be seen to every day and this can be extremely stressful to keep up with.”  Dorothy says there are many ways to de-stress in the work place and adding light is a must.


“If you have a window looking to the outside, keep the curtains open and let in all the fresh natural sunlight,” shay says.  “Natural light can be refreshing and is a de-stressor when you let the warmth in.”



Buy a pot plant or a bunch of bright flowers to catch the eye.  Dorothy recommends putting a plant or two in your work space as they are a natural air purifier.  This means you will always have fresh air to clear your mind of any stressful tendencies.  Flowers will look and smell fabulous and will make you appear more approachable and relaxed.



Surround yourself with photos and memories and this will encourage you to get through the day.  When you are having a bad day and beginning to feel the stress wall grow, look at these photos of friends and family and they should put a smile on your face and lift your spirits.

“If you look at a picture of family and friends when you are seriously stressed out at work,” Dorothy explains, “you will be amazed at how much it will lighten your mood as it always works for me.”

Make your space tell a story about who you are!  Be careful not to add too much as this can look tacky and unprofessional.



Put a mirror behind your computer to make your office appear and feel larger.  This will eliminate any stressful feelings created from a cramped and claustrophobic space.  You will also be able to see who might be approaching from behind.  And you will be able to see when your makeup and hair needs refreshing as looking and feeling refreshed will always make you feel better.

These tips will help you balance out the way your space looks.  You want to create a space that is comfortable to work in all day so that you are happy and healthy as well as showing you are still hard working, focussed and professional.


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Flourishnote: What do you do to flourish in your office?  We'd love to share your ideas.  Let us know in the comments box below.


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