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Flourishing Woman: Julie Sweet

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Flourishing Woman: Julie Sweet

What’s your story?

I am a 35 year old woman running my own business called Certificatesonline. Basically we provide a unique service for people in need of their full original birth, marriage, family death certificates and legal change of name certificates within 24 hours. We literally deliver these vital documents to clients, at their front door, without them moving, instead we do it all for them. So for example say you get married, or you have a baby, instead of lining up in endless queues, wasting time on public transport or parking fees, you simply go online to our website, which is and save invaluable time and money in obtaining your full original marriage certificate, or baby’s birth certificate. It’s as simple as calling us on 1300 CHANGE or going online to get us to do all the leg work and sift through the time consuming red tape. It really is the easy way to obtain your legal documents within 24 hours.

What inspired you to pursue your business, dream and direction?

I wanted more.  I wanted (without sounding corny) emotional and financial freedom. I saw that in working for myself, so decided to leave my full-time job in the corporate world and it’s been full-on ever since, to say the very least.

Was there a perfect time to do it or did a set of circumstances help you to make the decision?

No, the perfect time seemed to come and then it would go; it always got pushed forward and then would disappear in my mind, just when I thought it was all going to happen. So in the end, it was do or don’t and as Oprah says “doubt means don’t” so I leapt forward and went for it. 

What obstacles did you overcome?

Many, too many to list to be brutally honest, yet some briefly are everything from court actions, to bureaucracy, erratic cash flow and difficulty in obtaining leverage through banks, not willing to invest in small business. 

How did your family, spouse and friends react? Did they support or obstruct you?

I can truthfully say they supported me completely, without hesitation and they to this very day, still do. The business would not be where it is without their constant input and encouragement.

What is the biggest challenge that you face?

At present it’s expanding, yet I look at that as a very positive phase, as opposed to a challenge. We are currently looking at taking the business offshore. What we mean by this is we want to reach people living overseas, yet who were born or married here in Australia, requiring their full original birth or marriage certificates, within 24 hours. We want to provide a wider more accessible platform for people to access their legal documents through us, at the click of a mouse, no matter where they live in the world.

How do you keep your mind and body fit?

Vino! In all seriousness, I am studying full time (half way through completing a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change) so that keeps my mind active. As for the physicality, well that I could always improve, yet I go to the gym when time permits and get to the coastal walk near where I live as often as I can and as early as I can in the wee hours of the morning - there is no better start to the day!

What are the future plans for you and your business?

Expansion, expansion expansion - to be the first place people go when there’s a change in their lives. We want them to think of Certificatesonline instantly as their first point of contact when in need of their certificates.

What top 3 tips would you give our Flourish readers if they were looking to make a significant change in their life?

This is going to sound cliché, yet all I can say is, leave your fear behind you and just believe. I feel people can change if they fundamentality want to, so in my eyes change comes about if you truly believe. When you genuinely desire the change and trust in the process, nothing stops you from achieving all you wish, other than you.  fm tag square 72dpi.jpg


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Comments (4)

Said this on 29-3-2011 At 03:52 pm
Love that quote - leave your fear behind and just believe!
Great feature, Xx
Said this on 30-3-2011 At 04:26 am
thankyou for your kind words tammi.
Said this on 8-4-2011 At 12:49 pm
What an inspiring article, I loved it.
Said this on 8-4-2011 At 12:57 pm
thanks so much for your positive feedback natalie.
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