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Maintaining Kids' Organised Space

How to Maintain Your Organised Space

by Lisa Rowley

Now that you have sorted, reduced, housed and labeled all your belongings (see this article, Containing Kids' Clutter) – your child has an environment that encourages easy tidy-up.

If motivation is an issue, here are some suggestions;

Make tidying- up a game

Use the kitchen timer and challenge your child to see how much they can tidy up within five minutes.  Additionally, you could make it a counting game, ask them to pick up and put away 14 items or seven items that are the colour blue – make it fun for them.

Have a  ‘Two Only Rule’

Your child can only have two toys out at one time, once they have finished with one, they must pack it away before they bring out the next.

This will reduce that “….this rooms looks like it has been hit by a bomb” feeling.  A little bit of packing up along the way will make the final clean up less overwhelming.

Doing a little bit at a time is also true for the organisation process.

Once a room has been initially organised, de-clutter or weed out toys, games and clothes about every six months.  A great time to do this could be the start of a new season, before a birthday or during holidays.

Organisation is a process, it will take time to develop new habits and time for your family to settle on how best to house some items, or what containers to use.

To maintain any organisational system it needs to fit within the family’s rhythm of how they get things done. 

Follow Lisa’s tips and watch your children (and you!) enjoy their new, organised environment.

Flourishnote: What do you do to keep kid's clutter under control? If you've got some tips, we'd love to hear them here.  Thanks for sharing!


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