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Movie Review: Chronicle

Chronicle (M)

83 minutes

Director: Josh Trank
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan

Reviewed by Kate Lippiatt.

When power literally goes to your head.

Andrew has always been the shy, quiet boy at school, and his decision to start filming his life’s daily occurrences has alienated him even further from his peers. With troubles at home and only a cousin to call a friend, things are looking pretty down. That is until his cousin Matt and school socialite Steve drunkenly stumble upon a tunnel in the middle of a forest one night, and Andrew is called upon to film the discovery. What appears to be an adventure into the unknown soon becomes more than they bargained for.


They don’t know what’s happened to them, but what they do know is that they suddenly share a super power that cannot be explained. And so the training begins. Andrew is the first to master their newfound talent, with the others quick to catch on. Soon they’re flying through the air, mastering magic tricks, and playing plenty of practical jokes, but as always, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


Rules are broken and limits are tested in the battle to control the uncontrollable. What has brought them together now serves to tear them apart leading into the final devastating conflict.


An interesting technique with almost the entire movie being shown from the view of the handy cam, and impressive special effects give credibility to what otherwise seems your typical Hollywood blockbuster. The story line will grip you in but leave you under-awed, maybe one for the teenage boys and young at heart. With underdeveloped characters and a predictable ending, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

Chronicle is screening nationally from 2 February.

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