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Movie Review: The Vow

Movie Review: The Vow

by Alfinda Agyputri

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If you have watched 50 First Dates, then The Vow might ring a bell for you. They don’t have the same story line, but they share the same premise – a man has to win his lover’s heart again due to memory loss on her part.

The Vow tells the story of Paige (Rachel McAdams) who suffers brain injury from a car accident that causes her to forget some parts of her past, including any memories of her husband Leo (Channing Tatum).  Leo has to win her heart again as she struggles to remember her past with him. Things get complicated when Paige finds that she was a completely different person before she met Leo. There is a gap in her memory timeline that needs to be filled to make sense of her past, which hopefully will help her regain her memory.

Being advertised as a Valentine’s Day movie, The Vow promised a touching and heart-warming romantic movie. While 50 First Dates was a romantic comedy, I expected The Vow to be a drama version of it. But I left the cinema with my heart neither touched nor warmed.

The movie started at a fairly quick pace with a series of flashback to fill the viewers in with Paige and Leo’s past together. The quick flashback failed to build a solid background of the characters’ lives. Their personalities were not portrayed much and thus did not leave strong impressions in the viewer’s mind. And then the pace slowed down to a boring stretch throughout the rest of the movie. There were awkward conversations and unnecessary scenes that did not add much to the progression of the story. While in most romantic movies supporting characters add colours and taste, in this movie the supporting characters were, well, not very supportive.

The plot also lacked focus. There was no climax, or at least I could not see when that happened. The ending was unpredictable, not because there was an interesting twist but because the story went on without a clear direction. The movie strayed from where it started and that made the title and synopsis feel a bit misleading. You would expect the movie to have a strong and somewhat ‘magical’ connection to Paige and Leo’s wedding vow – I mean, it’s entitled The Vow, just saying. But their wedding vow was not the thing that tied the whole movie together. The synopsis made me expect to see some great efforts on Leo’s part to win Paige’s heart, just like what Henry did to Lucy in 50 First Dates. But again, I was disappointed.

It wouldn’t be fair to write a review of the movie without complimenting its beautiful setting and cinematography. Beautiful shots of Chicago’s landmarks and scenery were a delight to the eyes. They did give that romantic feel to the movie. Not to mention what a gorgeous couple Tatum and McAdams made. And for the ladies, you can expect to see Tatum showing some muscles and musical skills.

Overall, The Vow was a nicely-done movie. It just didn’t deliver what it promised. 


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