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Shape Shifting - Menopause and Weight Gain

Is weight gain in menopause inevitable? 

Trees, Truffles and Tranquility

By: Rebecca Commons 'Okay, ready? ~one, two.. zree!'  ~ This was the sense of occasion afforded by the young French member of staff to the gravity of revealing our room at Stonebarn.   Stonebarn is a graceful lodge set in a 160 acres of cleared Man...

New Year, New Goals - goal setting guide for 2014

New Year, New Goals

Keep on track with your goals in 2014 with this guide.

Christmas Cheer?


Christmas Cheer?

Inspiration for Summer

Inspiration for Summer by: Pamela Weatherill   Summer brings the knowledge that the year is about to end and a new one begin.  The pace of life speeds up to conquer ‘end of year’ lists as well as increased social commitments, annual festivities...

Green Shopping

By: Lexi Rollins

Even something as everyday as grocery shopping can impact the environment, and we can all influence that impact for better or worse by how we shop. It’s not tricky to start saving the planet in the supermarket. These little ideas will help you make a big difference.

Winter Beauty Tips

Now that the weather is getting cooler, follow these Winter Beauty Tips.

Autumn 1.jpg

A friend in an abusive relationship: Life Q & A with Psychologist Kathrine Selmer Johansen

Life Q&A:

What do you do when someone you know is in an abusive relationship? Psychologist Kathrine Selmer Johansen offers suggestions and helps to explain why your friend stays.

9 Top Tips to stay Tip Top

Happy Woman

Need an inspiration boost? Try these 9 Top Tips to stay Tip Top!

Soft and Furry Little Rabbits

Rabbit Story Photo.jpg
Soft and furry little rabbits. Holly Richards talks about having a bunny as a pet just in time for Easter.

Common Mistakes Women Make in Business

I 5 corporate ladder.jpg

What are the common mistakes that women make in business?

Neuroplasticity, it's all about belief.


“When you rush around in hopeless circles

Searching ev'rywhere for something true

You're at the age of not believing

When all the "make believe" is through
When you set aside your childhood heroes

And your dreams are lost up on a shelf

You're at the age of not believing

And worst of all you doubt yourself..”

The only thing limiting what we can do with (our brains) is the limits we place on our beliefs about what we can do to change.

No School Today

boy home work.jpeg

No School Today

Back to Juicing Basics

fruit and veg.jpeg

Back to Juicing Basics - Get the lowdown on why juice is so good for you and some delicious combinations to get you started.

Away from Home - Life as a Boarder at High School

Boarding School.jpg
Life in a Perth boarding school through the eyes of two 15 year old girls.

Parenting Teens

Finding it a bit tricky with your tween or teenager? Parent Teen coach, Debbie Bushell, dishes out some good advice.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting.jpg
Stay on track in 2013.

All You Need is Love, by Lexi Rollins

a rose jpeg sm.jpg

So what is this thing called love?
As Aristotle said "Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies".

Beauty Review: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

shiseido perfect refining foundation.jpg

Beauty Review: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

With its luxurious packaging, it could be told from the onset that this was going to be an indulgent product.

Living with Declining Vision - A Young Woman's story

Living with declining vision at the age of 33. This is Melanie's reality. Read her story here.


esperance 2.jpg
Assertiveness and the importance of 'YOU' time. What are your five most important things?

There’s a knot in my apron strings!

You know how there’s no user guide that comes with having children?  Well just when you think you are almost becoming an expert in parenting you find there is no user guide for cutting the apron strings as they become young independent adults either. By Pamela Weatherill.

Spare Tyre Alert (the car kind, not the body kind!)

Stay safe on the road with these tips.

The Challenge of Change

The Challenge of Change. "The greatest adventure is what lies ahead..." Glen Yarborough

The Power of Choice

Pale Pink everlastings jpeg.jpg
The Power of Choice:
The yellow brick road to success and happiness.

Movie Review: Just Go With It

Just Go With It
. A new movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Reviewed here.

Put some Passion in Your Life with...Passionfruit!


Discover a little more about an old favourite, passionfruit.

Movie Review: My Afternoons With Margueritte (M)

afternoons with margueritte.jpg
Movie Review: My Afternoons With Margueritte (M)

Flourishing Women: Jodi Bibra

Jodi Bibra - Tanology & tanGO - Copy.jpg
Flourishing Women: Jodi Bibra is a mum of two, entrepreneur and businesswoman. Find out about her creation of the tanGo tan removal cloth, obstacles she overcame and her advice for success.

How to Run a Successful Sales Meeting

pink notebook.jpg
The 'How To' on having a successful sales meeting. Top tips and more.

Skin Deep

From the archives: Skin Deep. Why women get tattoos at different stages of life.

Book Review: Theo & Co: The Search for the Perfect Pizza

Theo and Co.jpg
Book Review: Theo & Co. The Search for the Perfect Pizza. 

Fun Ways to Exercise: Pilates

Fun Ways to Exercise: Pilates. Kate Murphy laments the end of wearing glitter in her hair and what this has to do with her joining a Pilates class.

Flourishing Woman: Julie Sweet

Flourishing Woman profile: Julie Sweet. "Leave your fear behind you and just believe". 

Flourishing Women: April Jorgensen

April J. Image 2..jpg
Read about our latest Flourishing Woman, April Jorgensen, where she shares her story and tips to success.

Book Review: The Lady of the Cup

lady of the cup.jpg

Book Review: The Lady of the Cup, by Roxy O'Reilly.

Reveal your destiny with this picture guide using tea leaves and coffee grounds. Reviewed by Claire Williams.

Organic Gardening - The Health Benefits & more

organic vegie (2).jpg
Discover the delights and benefits of organic gardening.

Book Review: The Natural Menopause Plan by Maryon Stewart

Natural Menopause Plan Cover (2).jpg

Book Review: The Natural Menopause Plan
Whether menopause is still in the future, part of your everyday life now, or a stage you're coming out of, this book by Maryon Stewart offers a natural way to beat the blues.

Money Basics for Teenagers

Coins 2 jpeg sm.jpg
Money Managing Tips for Teenagers and Students

Poem: Vintage Ties, by Catherine Jennings

Poem: Vintage Ties, by Catherine Jennings

Stay Young - How to Slow the Ageing Process

woman in forest.jpg
Stay Young - How to slow the ageing process.

Pre-Tee-Off Anxiety Disorder (P-TOAD)

An amusing tale of golf, by Phoebe Sier.

World's Greatest Shave - Veronica's Haircut for Charity

Would you shave your head for charity? 

Veronica - Perth Worlds Greatest Shave 17.12.10.jpg

This woman did for the Leukaemia Foundation.

How to get the most out of the (outdoor) movies

Getting the most out of your (outdoor) movie experience.

Book Review: The Metabolic Clock by Julie Rennie

Book Review: The Metabolic Clock - speed up your metabolism and lose weight easily. By Julie Rennie.

So You Want to Write a Book?

So you want to write a book?

Beauty Review: Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions

Beauty Review: Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions
Have a problem with spots, or a teenager that does? 

Movie Review: A Heartbeat Away

Movie Review:
A Heartbeat Away
, reviewed by Jessica Kidner
An Australian comedy depicting the struggle between fathers' expectations and sons' desires.

The Laws of Networking

Corporate: The Laws of Networking
With Anna Zammit.

Top 10 Tips for Effective Networking

I 5 corporate ladder.jpg
Corporate: Top 10 Tips for Effective Networking
Make the most out of networking opportunities with these tips.