Thanks for dropping by and it's a pleasure to welcome you to Flourishmag.com.

Here's a little background about Flourish and me...

Flourish started out as a printed magazine way back in 2005 with the first issue launching in February of that year. It was a handbag size, 208 pages of thick and glossy paper and spiral bound. It found a niche and was welcomed by women who wanted more out of their magazines than gossip and celebrities. The magazine featured beautiful photography accompanied by inspirational quotes and we used non-professional models for our fashion shoots and cover models. Flourish was distributed by NDD and sold at newsagencies throughout WA for $12.95. The magazine didn't have a 'citycentric' feel and we kept in mind when putting the magazine together that the reader could be reading it at an outback station, in a country town, in the 'burbs or on holiday. We wanted to write about and share the stories of inspirational women who were doing great things often overcoming adversity to do so. Like Flourishmag.com, the magazine had recipes, beauty, reviews and a variety of content all with an upbeat, realistic, 'enjoy the moment and the journey', underlying theme.

After four biannual issues of the spiral bound, we realised that women were keeping the magazine for reference and thought that a spine would be easier for readers to source the particular issue they wanted, so that change was made and along with that, the size increased to an almost A4 size, with the price decreasing to $9.95.

Roll on to 2008 and I, mother to two lovely girls Annelise and Sarah, welcomed another little girl to our family, Colette. Another two issues were published while managing a newborn and family, then I made the difficult (initially) decision to take the magazine from a printed version to fully online with the last printed issue coming out in November 2009.

The current website was launched in March 2010, (with a new one underway and getting prepped for launch 2014)

Now, not a day doesn't go by that I don't say thanks for going online when I did! It is the now and the way of publishing, with a much broader reach for the magazine and its advertisers, there are no space constraints (I always struggled with what to leave in and what to leave out of the 208 pages each issue!), and the immediacy of the medium suits the content and the sharing of that content with you. Also, importantly, online suits my parenting responsibilities.

So, where to from here?

Flourishmag.com continues not to have gossip or celebrities as many other websites and blogs do a brilliant job with this, so we will continue to provide regular updates of a variety of columns, articles, recipes, poetry, reviews, events and our advertiser Directory and Gift Guides. We have lots of competitions and giveaways running regularly, and you can also see what we're up to at Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

We'd like you to come and check us out daily and see what's new. Some days there will be lots new, and other days maybe just one or two things. We'd love to have more interaction happening on the comment front, so please feel free to leave comments and reply to other comments.

Feedback really helps us know what you want, and also any gripes you may have about the site or suggestions for improvement - we really want to hear from you! So at anytime, please use the contact form below or the box in a competition entry form to let us know what we could be doing better, or what you like, or what you'd like to see more or less of at Flourishmag.com.

Thanks and hugs,

Jane xx


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