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Nature Writing Symposium in Perth - Rhythm of the Wild

  • 20-4-2010

Flourish is proud to support local talent, and there's plenty always to be found in the pages of the indigo journal.

indigo journal are hosting a nature writing symposium with Nicolas Rothwell & Gina Mercer, RHYTHM OF THE WILD on May 7 & 8,

Keynote Address: by Nicolas Rothwell
A Landscape Meditation

Friday evening 7 May at 7:30pm in the Chapel at Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont

Saturday Symposium: with Gina Mercer, editor of Tasmanian's Island Magazine and Nicolas Rothwell, northern correspondent for The Australian joined by WA nature writers: Nandi Chinna, Liana Joy Christensen and Annamaria Weldon.

Saturday May 8 at 9:00am - 4:30pm at the State Library of Western Australia, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge

Tickets and Booking forms: or 0422 255 865


A bit about Nicholas and Gina...

Nicolas Rothwell is one of Australia’s foremost thinkers on the way in which we inhabit our world—our relationship to our environment, the indigenous people of this land and the impact of industry on the landscape of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. What Nicolas has to say will confront and disturb, but more than that it will inspire you to think differently about the place in which we live.


Gina Mercer is the editor of Island Magazine the literary journal that comes out of Tasmania and is known best for publishing the work of major thinkers writing on the ways we can continue to live in one of the most fragile environments on the planet. Under Gina’s stewardship, Island Magazine has become one of the foremost places for Australian nature writing.


Both of these guests to WA will stimulate and enthuse us into living differently in these challenging times.

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