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Product News: Crumpler

  • 28-1-2011

Words: Jane Willis

A couple of years ago, Crumpler and I crossed paths and we've been together ever since.

I have two - one a larger, over the shoulder bag that's perfect as an overnighter or for lugging around laptops, books and papers and the other a smaller version, handbag-sized used as an 'everyday' bag. They're sturdy, hardy, well-designed and look good in an understated way. 

So when I found in my Inbox information about a brand new Crumpler school bag for kids being launched, I felt it was my duty to share with you.

The newly designed bag has been named 'The Private Zoo' and comes in two different colours, green and blue as shown, and a version in black.  It's 46x31x17.5cm, weighs 0.6kg and has a volume of 17 litres.

Pale Blue.jpg     Green.jpg          

'The Private Zoo' bags' RRP is $95 and will be available online in early February. For stockists visit  or call 03 93721204.

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